Headquartered in Houston, Texas, SectorWare is involved in a variety of projects in various industries. The company has alliances with professional consultants and subject matter experts, with years of experience in the area of ERP implementations, integrations, migrations, support services and training. We are in the business of applying the right people to the right tasks in order to meet the needs of our clients.


The company was established to address sector specific Information Technology needs. We strive to identify Clients who have the desire to increase their presence with state of the art, cutting edge computing solutions. We believe that each engagement is different, and as a result requires a detailed analysis and feasibility assessment. The commitment of a “quality approach” towards development, training, and support services for information resources has allowed the company to maintain a competitive advantage in the consulting arena.

The goal of the company is to address the concerns of individuals and businesses that have a desire to upgrade their present office needs, and those who desire to increase their knowledge of computing technology. SectorWare consultants are highly skilled and respected professionals and are well versed in Information Technology. The same professional has the skillset and ability to serve as project leader, analyst, programmer or consultant. We believe that our clients’ success is realized by the effort we expend in our areas of expertise and professionalism.

Our reputation is based on our ability to satisfy and solve our clients information systems needs. We provide our customers with unique solutions that allow for a maximum return on investment. We take a strategic approach to solving business problems with the application of today’s technology. We are committed to understanding our clients’ strategic vision as well as their day-to-day operations. Both public and private sectors have experienced the explosion of information technology over the past decade. An organization’s success is dependent upon its ability to gather, process, and distribute information to reflect the integrity of that organization. SectorWare realizes that highly skilled professionals are the key to effectiveness, and therefore strives to maintain a “quality approach” towards support services for information resources.